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Comparison of ActCAD 2018 Versions

Features ActCAD 2018
Classic (2017 only)StandardProfessional
Support for Windows® XP
Support for Windows® Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
64bit & 32bit Versions
Support native format of DWG & DXF Files
Support DWG & DXF files from R2.5 to 2017
Support both binary & ASCII DXF Files
Import MicroStation ® .dgn files
Support for .dwf, .dxb & .dwt files
Export .pdf, .svg, .dwf, .bmp, .emf, .wmf, .dwf & .stl files
Import Collada .dae files
View 3D Solid Models
View 3D Surface Models
Support for command Line
Support for LISP Programs
Support for DCL Programs
Support for SDS
Support for IRX
Support for .NET & COM Automation
Script Recording & Playback
Support for .mnu and .scr files
Microsoft® ActiveX support, including in-place editing
Interactive Menu Customization
Support for TrueType™ fonts
Raster Image Support for multiple file extensions
Open multiple drawings at a time
Explorer for managing Layers, Blocks, Line Types etc.
Graphical Block Preview
Right-mouse click edit properties of selected entries
Photo-realistic 3D Rendering
Photo-realistic 3-D Real time shading
Global validity of Licenses
Anytime Upgrade & Subscriptions
Best Price Guaranteed
Option for Corporate Licensing
Self-license transfer between dual computers
Light Weight to Download & Install (below 300MB)
Drawings Auditor for Batch file auditing
ActCAD Converter for DXG and DXF files in Batch mode
Over 5000 in-built Block Libraries
In-built Image (raster) to DXF (vector) Converter
Ribbon Style Interface
In-place/Transparent MTEXT Editor
TABLE Creation & Editing
Arc Aligned Text
FIELD Command
Export 3D PDF
Emport Bitmap (.bmp) from Drawing
Maximize Viewports (VPMAX)
Minimize Viewports (VPMIN)
Image Frame Mode
Text to Front
Refedit Dialog for Blocks/Nested Blocks
Hatch Trimming
Create/Edit 3D Solid Models
Import ACIS 3D Solids .sat files
Point Cloud Data Import Tool
One click Extract Block Attributes to CSV
Import Points Cloud from CSV
Capture CAD Points/Hole Coordinates to CSV
Interactive Drawinngs Auditor & Converter
Change Numeric Text Values (+, -, *, /) in batch mode
Prepare P&ID Label