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Comparison between ActCAD and ACAD Versions

actcad intellicad software

Features ActCAD 2018 ACAD 2017
ClassicStandardProfessional FullLT
Support native format of DWG & DXF Files
Support DWG & DXF files from R2.5 to 2018
Support both binary & ASCII DXF Files
Import MicroStation ® .dgn files
Support for .dwf, .dxb & .dwt files
Export .pdf, .svg, .dwf, .bmp, .emf, .wmf, .dwf & .stl files
Import Collada .dae files
Import ACIS 3D Solids .sat files
In-place/Transparent MTEXT Editor
View 3D Solid Models
View 3D Surface Models
Create/Edit 3D Solid Models
Support for command Line
Support for LISP Programs
Support for DCL Programs
Support for VisualLISP® Programs
partial partial partial
Support for ADS®/SDS®
Support for ARX®/IRX®
Support for .NET & COM Automation
Script Recording & Playback
Support for .mnu and .scr files
Microsoft® ActiveX support, including in-place editing
Interactive Menu Customization
Support for TrueType™ fonts
Raster Image Support for multiple file extensions
Open multiple drawings at a time
Explorer for managing Layers, Blocks, Line Types etc.
Graphical Block Preview
Right-mouse click edit properties of selected entries
Photo-realistic 3D Rendering
Photo-realistic 3-D Real time shading
Global validity of Licenses
Anytime Upgrade & Subscriptions
Best Price Guaranteed
Option for Corporate Licensing
Self-license transfer between dual computers
Light Weight to Download & Install (below 300MB)
Drawings Auditor for Batch file auditing
ActCAD Converter for DXG and DXF files in Batch mode
Over 5000 in-built Block Libraries
In-built Image (raster) to DXF (vector) Converter
Ribbon Style Interface
In-place/Transparent MTEXT Editor
TABLE Creation & Editing
Arc Aligned Text
FIELD Command
Export 3D PDF
Emport Bitmap (.bmp) from Drawing
Maximize Viewports (VPMAX)
Minimize Viewports (VPMIN)
Image Frame Mode
Text to Front
Refedit Dialog for Blocks/Nested Blocks
Hatch Trimming
Point Cloud Data Import Tool
One click Extract Block Attributes to CSV
Import Points Cloud from CSV
Capture CAD Points/Hole Coordinates to CSV
Interactive Drawinngs Auditor & Converter
Change Numeric Text Values (+, -, *, /) in batch mode
Prepare P&ID Label